Rotary Club of Thomasville. (2014).  Everyone knows that safe driving is dependent upon safe driving habits. We know that when people drive defensively and courteously, when traffic laws are obeyed, when drivers exhibit clear-headedness and common sense, our highways and streets are more likely to be safe and accident-free. The streets, highways and intersections in our community are generally safe. However, as in most towns, there are some locations which – because of traffic load, road conditions, the effects of weather, driver error and a host of other factors – present real danger to drivers. Some of these hazards have existed for years; others are new. Some are just temporary; others will be present for a long time. Some are quite obvious to experienced drivers; others are less obvious and – particularly to unsuspecting young drivers and new drivers to the area – present significant risks.

SafeDrive is an initiative to make drivers in our community aware of the most serious driving hazards in and around our area. The goal of SafeDrive is to give drivers – especially young drivers and their parents – the chance to see and experience these driving hazards under more controlled circumstances. It is hoped and believed that awareness of the hazards and a controlled first experience with them will increase the odds that when these hazards are encountered again under real-life driving conditions, young and new drivers will be better equipped to deal with them safely.