About Coffee Insurance Agency, Inc.

Charles (Aug 23, 1927 - Jun 28, 2011) and Marjorie Coffee were the original owners of Coffee Insurance Agency.  Charles opened the agency in 1968 after spending five years with Georgia Farm Bureau as an agent.  He put his wife Marjorie to work shortly after their marriage.  They are both very loved by their many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Charles passed away June 28, 2011.

Stephen has been working at our agency for over 10 years.  He started during high school as an after school job, and discovered he enjoyed it.  He then went to the University of Georgia and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Risk Management and Insurance.  Since then he has worked here full time, and as of 2009 is the owner and principal agent.  His wife Jenna is a teacher at Thomas County Middle School.  Their daughter Katie Belle is three years old.

Caroline started working with our agency in 2001, when Stephen left to go to college.  She and her husband Jonathan have two sons: Beau and Tucker, who just turned seven and three, respectively.

Lori joined our agency in 2010 as a customer service representative.  Lori and her husband Russell have two daughters: Montana and Mackenzie.

Ashley has been working with us since early 2012.  She is currently obtaining a masters degree in social work from Valdosta State University.